Multiple Views

The problem with most conventional Dashboard systems is that they are limited to a single view, or a static view configuration that might not work for your Team.  Nuvison takes a different approach by allowing you ultimate flexibility when selecting the number of displays you need, the locations of the displays and even the Individual Views that are shown at each location.

Let’s start with your front wall of your Network Operations Center.  You might want one or two large displays here, side by side, but showing different information on each.  Imagine one screen showing the “high level overview” data, ticket counts from your PSA, device counts from your RMM, outstanding Tasks that are on the schedule, and that sort of thing.  Then on the second display, you might choose to cycle through a series of Views that are constructed to show you Performance snapshots from highly Mission Critical Servers that you’re managing.  This type of setup is easy to do with Nuvison.

But now maybe your Dispatcher needs another view, perhaps similar to the “high level overview” that your Techs see, but with some variations, maybe including the In/Out status of each of the Technicians.  The possibilities are really unlimited and we’ve built the system to accommodate what each individual Company thinks is the best view for their particular operation.  The only assumption we made when we designed the product was that everyone would want the system customized to their individual needs, so we don’t force anyone to fit our mold, but instead we make Nuvison work just the way you want it to!

We’ve put together the video below to show an example of a Nuvison display using multiple views.

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