Nuvison ships as a fully configured, ready to use hardware and software solution. We supply a full configured, ready to install Digital Player, loaded up with the Nuvison software and configured to talk to your systems. If you don’t already have a Display up on the wall, we can help with that, but the basics of the Nuvison system is a Digital Player and the Software on the player. All we need is power and a network port.

Often, the do-it-ourselves nature of Managed Service Providers leads them off on a search for a “build it in-house” solution. But let’s face it, your core business should be managing your customers’ systems, not developing software. You tell your customers that they should focus on their core business and leave the IT work to you, and we believe the same rule applies for a product like a NOC Dashboard. This should be something your Team can use, NOT something your Team needs to build. And just like the difference between using a fully integrated system like Labtech or Kaseya for your Remote Monitoring and Management instead of trying to build something with an Open Source framework like Nagios, you understand that your Team has important service work to do, not application development work.

We’ve designed an implementation process that insures that your Nuvison Heads Up Display System will be effective the day you plug it in. We’ve already spent a great deal of time working in the various system Databases, and we’ve already figured out where the most important information is hidden and how to get at it with a minimum of fuss. We’ve seen the “one size fits all” dashboard products that claim to be able to present any data from any system, but your business needs a working product, not a blank slate. This is a product designed by an MSP, for MSP’s and we implement it like any other product.

Don’t worry about trying to dive in yourself. You can keep your Team busy doing what they do, and just tell us what you need to have in front of them. And don’t worry about changes. Chances are we won’t get the first view absolutely perfect on day one, but we’ll be there with you on down the road, quickly making changes and adjustments until we get your system running just the way you want it. Sure, if you want to manage the board yourself after we get it running, that’s easy to do, but in most cases, the most effective way to manage things is to simply request a new data element on the board and then watch it show up without using up any of your Technician’s time.

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