Multiple Tools

A well equipped Managed Service Provider (MSP) organization will typically have made a significant investment in Software Tools that are used to manage and maintain customer systems, track Service Tickets and manage the billing process. In most cases, the two cornerstones of the MSP business will be the primary Remote Management and Monitor (RMM) system and the Professional Services and Accounting (PSA) system. Chances are, your Technical Team spends the majority of their day working inside both these tools, using the PSA to document the work and the RMM to do the work. We believe that a Dashboard system must include information from both of these systems together, in order to provide a full picture of the state of things.

Nuvison’s integration was designed from the start to pull data from multiple databases, and combine that data into the views that make the most sense to you. We can currently extract information from SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases. We can also support a virtually unlimited number of systems, because we have also found that while your RMM / PSA combination takes care of most of what you do on a day to day basis, you might have another system or two that is completely separate but equally important. Many MSP’s are now integrating Print Supervision tools into the mix, or perhaps a specialty Management System such as the Sonicwall Global Management System (GMS). If these systems are in use, there’s generally some information stored in their databases that you might want up on the Display System and Nuvison makes that inclusion possible.

In this Video, we’ll show you a live view with Nuvison pulling information from several different applications into one combined view.

You might recognize some of the systems we can easily interface with:





And we’re also well versed in interfacing with such specialty tools as:

Sonicwall GMS

WhatsUp Gold

Okidata Print Supervision

If you’ve got any of these tools in house today, and you’re interested in pulling key information out of them to display on the wall in front of your Technical Team, Nuvison is right for you.

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