Event Driven

An intelligent Dashboard system should be able to not only combine data from multiple sources for a “Big Picture” view that is just what you need to see, it should also be created so that it can be an “Early Warning” system. With Nuvison, we took the concept of “Event Driven” and applied it to nearly every item you choose to place on the Display.

Any Data Element has two primary “threshold” events that can be defined for that element, either individually or in tandem, to allow you to control the Visibility of the element and an Audible Alarm that will sound when the threshold you defined is crossed.

Let’s say for instance that you allow your Customers to enter tickets directly into your PSA through its Web Portal. As they enter those tickets, they select their own “priority” for the item they need help with. You might want new tickets that are marked as “Low”, “Medium” or “High” priority to simply get entered and displayed as part of the count of normal “New” tickets, but then if they select “Critical” for that new ticket, you might want to Display those tickets in a different color of Text, and play an Audible Alarm sound to alert your Team that they have a situation that needs immediate attention. You might even choose to display the Ticket Number or identifier on the screen as well, so your Team can find that ticket immediately without hunting around for it. No Critical tickets in the queue? You might want that counter to disappear altogether again until the next ticket comes in marked this way.

By selectively applying the Audible Alarms and the Visible / Hidden state of an item on the Screen, you reduce clutter and give everyone the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can stay “heads down”, working inside the tools, confident that any Critical event will alert them immediately, both visually and audibly.

In this Video, we’ll demonstrate the Event Driven feature of Nuvison.

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